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Saito16 a posted Mon at 19:45

Skyblock Update

Skyblock is now back up and running! I spent 30+ hours going through all the different options, testing various issues, and after many failed tries to fix the issue, I finally came to the conclusion that the best possible course of action was to roll the server back. Don't worry though, it's not a large roll back, only 2 days at most. I apologize for the downtime and the significant time it took to fix, but server issues are not always a quick solve, and often times turn out to be a lengthy puzzle that requires delicate care and attention. Some of you may be missing a donor rank due to the roll back, so if you are, please submit a ticket via the support tab at the top of the page.

As always thank you for being understanding and supportive of GotPvP.

Weekend Sale!

Saito16 a posted Fri at 6:06

Weekend Sale!

I thought I'd do a nice weekend sale to say thank you to everyone who helped us break our player count record over the past week. We hit over 2200 players online for the first time, and I am very excited to say that we are still growing! GotPvP has been up for just over a year now and we've become one of the largest Minecraft communities in the world. I hope you're as proud of this accomplishment as I am, because each and every one of you helped us achieve this milestone.

The sale will last through Sunday, and will give you 30% off all items in the donation shop. Enjoy :)

python197 Hello my IGN is python197 I'm trying to buy Duke rank and a plot but this server wont accept Belgian VISA cards with Pay ...
klogeko Please do this again! right now and ill buy king!
Derick5501 Snoopy, if you buy a rank, it goes to all the gamemodes it applies to: Creative, Survival, Factions, Skyblock, and Priso ...

Factions Reset

Saito16 a posted Apr 4, 14

Factions Reset!

The long awaited Factions reset is finally here! I know it took a while to get everything finalized, but I hope the fresh map will make everyone happy. All inventories, chests, ender chests, vaults, etc have been cleared. The only thing that was left unchanged were your mcMMO levels, which are the same as they were before the reset.

As always with a map reset we have users voting for and against it. There was an overwhelming majority voting for in this case, so I apologize to those that did not want the map reset. My hope is that you will find a lot more fun starting in a fresh map as opposed to the old worn out map that we had been on for 6 months.

As always any items donated for in the past 30 days will be restored. Just submit a ticket via the Support tab if you've bought an item recently and I will give it back to you. 

Good luck everyone :)

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staff and guys see my new post on factions about all my /echest abd /chest stuff dissapearing! D:
can someone help me i cant log onto the server
could someone help me it wont let me log onto the server
im becoming a knight tomorrow!!! cant wait!
I'm king now!
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