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Staff Application Changes

samdenby a posted Sep 7, 14

Staff Application Changes

After a long while with our current system, we are now changing the system for staff applications. Up to this point, when your application was accepted, you would then have an interview with me on Skype. Now we are implementing a "helper program". The helper rank is a simple staff rank, with only the ability to receive /helpop messages and /mute people. The main purpose of helpers is to answer any questions you may have in chat. Therefore, at this point, if your staff application is accepted, you will become a helper without an interview. If you perform well, you might be granted an interview to become mod. I have made some minor adjustments to our staff application to accompany this new system. 

My reasons in changing things up is I want to give more people the chance to become staff. Becoming helper will not be as difficult as it has been to become mod. By giving less perms to helpers, it is lower risk to us if we let in a bad person to our staff team. Because of this change, I encourage people who have previously applied for mod and been declined to apply again. Another plus of this system is hopefully we will be able to get to a point where we have a staff member on each of our servers 24 hours a day. 

Good luck on your new applications!

catman0805 o Sure you did i can smell the BS coming from you from here lol. I unlike you can prove that i made the suggestion so shh ...
Just_To_Awesome If I appy on the 15th of, lets say, November can I apply on the 1st of December? ...

Vote Contest

Saito16 a posted Sep 6, 14

August Vote Contest:

1st Place: KJ5tyle - $75 Coupon

2nd Place: python197 - $75 Coupon

3rd Place: Epic_Xenmas - $75 Coupon

4th Place: thegreatest_dane - $50 Coupon

5th Place: coolmen1000 - $50 Coupon

6th Place: FatGuyWhoOwns - $50 Coupon

7th Place: nedas321 - $25 Coupon

8th Place: Coin_S - $25 Coupon

9th Place: BridgeH2O69 - $25 Coupon

10th Place: xx_Aedos_xx - $25 Coupon

Congratulations to all winners. We will send out your coupons via PM.

llDerpll only if I won -.-
QuarterTwo Is there going to be a September one?
Firecheetah13 I applied for Mod/Helper, wish me luck ...


Saito16 a posted Sep 5, 14

Update #2

I expect Prison2 to be online and working sometime today, and Skywars was put back online yesterday. As of right now the only servers that are down are Prison, Skyblock, and Survival. Survival should be back by tonight, but the tutorial areas and shop won't be ready yet so they'll be built as you play. Prison is going unbelievably slow because of Mojang's ridiculous rate limiting, and honestly I don't know how much longer it will be. It's so slow and inconsistent that it could be anywhere from 1 day to 7 days, I really don't know at this point. The good news is that you shouldn't lose any of your items, ranks, chests, etc. Skyblock is going to be down indefinitely. The data conversion refuses to work for some reason and it is by far our least popular server. I do plan on doing a revamp for it eventually, but at this point that's probably a couple months away. Apologies to those of you that love Skyblock, but I hope you'll look forward to the custom version we have planned down the road, and find solace in one of our other game modes.

The top voter contest results from last month will also be posted sometime today.

XxAsianWalrusxX Is sky block even being worked on? >.>
Punxsy13 I need to tak to a member of tstaff
Taylord1225 Saito when is Prison 1 going to be back up
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