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Logo Contest and GotPvP Wiki

samdenby a posted Wed at 18:27

Logo Contest News

We have closed the logo contest and we have decided that we will not be deciding on a winner. This is for a variety of reasons including widespread cheating in the popular vote round. In exchange for everyone's hard work, we are awarding all the finalists with a $10 Buycraft credit to use in our donation store. To claim your credit, please message Hihihih565. 

GotPvP Wiki

We have decided to create a wiki for GotPvP. We want this to become a useful resource for novice and experienced players to find information about our server. We have decided to have this wiki completely community run. Almost all pages will be submitted by community members. This will allow for the wiki to grow even larger than if it were only edited by staff. This wiki will be created on a third-party website called wikia. 

We are also looking for someone with experience using wikia to run the GotPvP wiki. This person would be responsable for making sure all submissions to the wiki contribute to the topic and make sure nobody edits maliciously. If you would like to be considered for this position, message me right here on the forums and briefly describe why you want this position and what experience you have.

The link for the GotPvP wiki is as follows.

I look forward to seeing the wiki grow into an amazing resource. Thank you in advance for your contributions!

skyfalls10 you really outdone yourself saito and staffs keep up the good work ...
shnodbod Guys i messaged hihihi but he hasnt replied and its been quite along while...
eman236 If you don't mind me asking, how do you message Hihihih565? I Don't know how to Find them on GotPvP's Site.

July Sale

Saito16 a posted Jul 16, 14

End of July Sale

We have some exciting changes coming up towards the end of the month, and there will be a 20% sale until the 31st to celebrate. I don't plan on releasing any details for another week or so, but suffice to say that quite a few servers will be undergoing some changes, as well as adding in our first fully custom and unique mini game. I hope everyone is as excited for these changes as we are :)

kreepykiller600 y isnt prison 1 on??
Bodi1206 o I am Bodiizles
willbarrow234 i am willbarrow234

Creative Update

Saito16 a posted Jun 27, 14

Creative Server Updates

We made some updates to the Creative server today which have fixed many of the crash issues and also resolved the lag from vote messages. However one of the side effects were some changes to our database, and donors may be missing their ranks. If you are missing your rank please simply submit a support ticket at and it will be taken care of quickly.

Thank you!

jumpingspider3 I can't seem to vote. It says I voted today but I didn't
galbby5 i like the creative mode! yay!
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