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Fundraiser and Sale

Saito16 a posted Fri at 2:08

Fundraiser and Halloween Sale

Due to the recent events described in our news posts we will be holding a fundraiser until November 10th. All packages can be found under the "Limited Time" category on our donation store at

The 30% off Halloween Sale will last from October 25th through November 2nd at midnight.

1. Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets will be sold in the donation store for $5 per ticket. Each ticket you purchase will gain you one entry into the raffle. The more tickets you buy the greater your chances of winning. We will be drawing ten winners, and in the order they are drawn they will receive different prizes. The top three winners will each receive a $150 coupon, the next three will receive a $100 coupon, and the final four will each receive $50 coupons. The winners will be decided when the fundraiser ends.

2. Kit Halloween

Similar to the kit anniversary that so many of you remember and obtained, we will be offering a limited time donation opportunity for this kit. The kit will be available permanently, and can be used every 72 hours. It will no longer be available for purchase at the end of the fundraiser, so be sure to get it now. Halloween kit gives the following items in Factions, Survival, and Prison(s).

32 Pumpkins
32 Fireworks
5 God Apples
1 Diamond Armor Set - Protection III Unbreaking II

3. Hub Rank

Many of you have requested a rank for the hub server, so it has been added. The hub rank gives the following perks:

[Hub Dweller] Custom Prefix
Colored Chat
Access to /fly
Access to /pet
Access to /particles

grislybear9 plz can you add british money pay ply I'm british
grislybear9 satio can u soon make it so you can pay with british money because some people on the server live in england
Persh Just bought ./nick yesterday....

Donations Update

Saito16 a posted Tue at 14:30

Donations Update

There was recently a large amount of fraud committed by one user over the course of several months. Today we have received over $5000 in chargebacks from this users accumulative purchases, and while unfortunate, all users that had ranks purchased by this person will have them removed immediately. If your rank suddenly disappears or you get downgraded this is most likely the cause. The person in question used the email and has made purchases for nearly 30 users. I have filed a complaint with IC3, sent them all relevant information including name, address, IP address, and more. Hopefully the person responsible will be prosecuted by the appropriate law enforcement for this large amount of fraud. Usually we would ban anyone who received perks from a user that later charged back, but because they bought them for so many people we have decided not to ban the people he purchased for. Instead the perks received will simply be removed.

Due to this event we are short on income this month as my account is currently sitting negative in the amount of several thousand dollars. We were hoping to purchase advertising again this month to boost our player count, but with this issue may not be able to. As such we will be holding a fundraiser on the donation store at some point in the next few days. Please post a comment below if you have a reasonable suggestion for something we could add to the fundraiser 'package' that will be created.

Thank you for your continued support of GotPvP.

savage_beast99 Advertising will get you the players, but now getting to purchases, is different. I do like the raffle idea that corrupt ...
Stayen_er_Metuar I sympathize with you. Personally, I will further support GotPVP with donations, but only if/when Skyblock comes back. G ...
Johnsta2585 Make pre built Homes and Bases available for donation on the Survival And Factions Server


Saito16 a posted Oct 18, 14

Brief Downtime

I just wanted to make a quick update explaining and apologizing for the brief downtime across a few servers today. I had been awake for over 35 hours at the time and ended up falling asleep for quite a while, and during my sleep four of our servers were victim to the awful memory leak in Spigot. We set the servers to automatically restart every six hours a few weeks ago, but this hasn't completely eliminated the issue. The servers have all been fixed as of now and hopefully we can be more vigilante until the problem is fixed within Spigot.

Again, apologies for the downtime and thank you for continuing to support GotPvP.

MiRaJaInE302 Like Rithik231 said #respect
[Deity] BeasT Once I stayed awake for 40-50 hours but at the time I was an insomniac so it had little effect on me, but I can understa ...
rithik231 all the comments are about his sleep and not the server issue. #RESPECT
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if he would of done a high rank, then no1 would of bought it. Saito is smart and he knows what he's doing
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