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Factions Reset

Saito16 a posted Apr 4, 14

Factions Reset!

The long awaited Factions reset is finally here! I know it took a while to get everything finalized, but I hope the fresh map will make everyone happy. All inventories, chests, ender chests, vaults, etc have been cleared. The only thing that was left unchanged were your mcMMO levels, which are the same as they were before the reset.

As always with a map reset we have users voting for and against it. There was an overwhelming majority voting for in this case, so I apologize to those that did not want the map reset. My hope is that you will find a lot more fun starting in a fresh map as opposed to the old worn out map that we had been on for 6 months.

As always any items donated for in the past 30 days will be restored. Just submit a ticket via the Support tab if you've bought an item recently and I will give it back to you. 

Good luck everyone :)

Vote Contest

Saito16 a posted Apr 1, 14

March Vote Contest:

1st Place: jgood_ - $75 Coupon

2nd Place:  boom1183 - $75 Coupon

3rd Place: xMyachiixGinger - $75 Coupon

4th Place: Deep219 - $50 Coupon

5th Place: koolguy17 - $50 Coupon

6th Place: NoahBrandenburg - $50 Coupon

7th Place:  SoulGenes1s - $25 Coupon

8th Place: KaveesanM - $25 Coupon

9th Place: Haydonicus - $25 Coupon

10th Place: KKKaleb - $25 Coupon

Congratulations to all winners. We will send out your coupons via PM.

SuperJosh635 Can you you use mutiple coupons? Like if you stack them up to get Deity for free?
epicmonkies12 i am buying people ranks on skyblock mail me to work out a deal
Deep219 Instead of begging for people's coupons, try voting everyday and maybe you could win. -.-


Saito16 a posted Mar 8, 14

Hunger Games Update!

As many of you know I haven't been happy with our Hunger Games server for quite some time, and have slowly been working on an update. It is finally here! We now have a variety of custom classes in game that come with some really awesome perks and powers. You can check them out and see what all is included on our donation page at under the Mini Games / Hunger Games section. All kits are now used with the /kit command instead of selecting from inventory screen. Please post here and let me know what you think of the update!

Codxxgamer I've been trying to play hunger games before.but!there weren't a lot of people playing it.Are there people playing it no ...
[[MOD]] CasualySnipezZ Let the games begin
mrepic839 Extremely satisfied
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