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Saito16 a posted 16 hours ago

Survival Maintenance

I have been faced with a difficult task while trying to update the Survival server's proxy software, and the much needed Spigot update is not wanting to convert player data properly. I have yet to find a solution, but will be working diligently on this issue until it is resolved. At this point in time my best estimate would be a few days of downtime. I know this is a lot, and it is very unfortunate, but as of right now that's the only reasonable time frame I can expect. It may even be better to go ahead and do the reset so many of you have been asking for, as it would allow us to incorporate all the new changes from 1.8, all the updated plugins currently running in Factions, a brand new spawn with heavily improved shop, and more. If we decided to go ahead and reset survival (which was always planned, simply a matter of when), we would likely leave mcMMO intact so you don't lose any levels, as well as vote coins and credit balances. Things reset would include the map, inventory, enderchest, and money balances.

Personally I believe a reset is the best course of option. It would allow us to make some much needed improvements with a fresh map and clean slate for everyone, and bring a lot of life back to the survival community. However I will not reset if the majority of players do not support it (unless that's the only option). Please leave a comment below letting me know your opinion, and do try to be friendly. Spamming things like "omg I'm quitting if you reset" are not helpful. I know some players will quit if a reset occurs, but many more will play harder than before and old players will come back. Just try to be reasonable and logical when giving your argument towards or against a reset. That is all I can ask. Thank you.

Slszzz Reset mcMMO, reset bal, echest and everything else, WIPE survival clean, for the love of god, I am sick of seeing Gadian ...
[[MOD]] SteamPunkShuffle Whats the point in a reset if you're complaining you're going to loose things…check the definition of reset.
prof_enderboss I'm not for the reset. If you do reset survival, I think things like /echest and your bal should be kept the same. It sh ...


Saito16 a posted Aug 20, 14

Sale and Factions Event!

Just wanted to inform everyone quickly that there will be a large sale this Saturday, August 23, that will last for 24 hours. It will go along with the huge Factions event and begin at 12 AM EST, and end the following night at 11:59 PM. I won't disclose how large the sale will be, but it will be sizable, and I hope to see a lot of users get that upgrade they've been wanting for so long!

Thank you for your continued support of GotPvP :)

theredfalcon202 I've been having problems with not being able to access all of my donation perks. Things like redeeming kits!
hims everytime im clicking a enderchest or i do /enderchest i disconnect anyone else got this problem?
MrWub101 Wow this is bull I can't get into the factions server, I can get into everything else but factions. Please help me.

Factions Updates

Saito16 a posted Aug 18, 14

Factions Updates

 Quite a few people have asked for a comprehensive post describing all of the recent changes to the Factions server, so I'd like to go ahead and lay out the changes we've made in a manner that is coherent for all users. I hope this post explains everything you need to know, but if it does not feel free to ask questions regarding Factions in the comments and I will reply.


Custom Enchantments - The custom enchantments plugin has been in the works for quite some time, and as of this moment we currently have 12 custom enchants that you can put on your items. They can be purchased via the signs at spawn in the Custom Enchantments area. 

Blast - When mining a single block this enchant gives a chance for blocks in a radius around you to explode and drop. This enchant makes mining quicker and more efficient, as well as more fun.

Explosion - Gives a chance for TNT to explode where your arrow strikes. The explosion will not destroy blocks, but will damage any targets within range with normal TNT damage. 

Freeze - This enchant can be used on swords and axes, and gives a chance to freeze your opponent for a second during PVP. Your opponent will not be able to move for the duration of the freeze.

Headsman - This enchant increases the chance for a head to drop when killing a player.

Lightning - Gives a chance for lightning to strike where your arrow lands. The strike will not set anything on fire, but will do normal damage as lightning would.

Night Vision - This enchant can only be used on helmets, and provides permanent night vision when used.

Poison - Gives a chance for your target to be poisoned when struck with an arrow. This enchant only applies for bows.

Repair - This enchant can be used on both weapons and tools. When a weapon or tool is used it has a chance to automatically repair itself and gain back some of the lost durability. This prolongs the life of all tools and weapons. Cannot be used on armor.

Stomp - This enchant is for boots only. When you jump from a high area and land close to an opponent the fall damage you would have received is transferred to anyone within a short radius. It's fun to see if you can drop down on a target like Batman and kill them with stomp!

Swiftness - This enchant is for boots only. Applies automatic and permanent swiftness to the user when worn.

Undead - This enchant can be used on weapons, and provides a damage boost to undead mobs (zombies, skeletons, etc) as well as a boost in the amount of XP they drop. Excellent for mob grinders.

Vampirism - This enchant can be used on weapons. When attacking a player this enchant gives a chance to bypass any protection such as armor or potions, and steal one heart from your opponent. The heart is then added to your health.


Meteor Crates - This plugin randomly spawns chests throughout the map on a set timer. The plugin will announce the coordinates of the chest and all players will then race to grab it first. These chests contain awesome loot ranging from spawner eggs and diamond blocks all the way to god sets of armor and bedrock. Whoever gets the chest first will obtain the loot and have their name announced to the server as the winner of that meteor crate race.


Tier Crates - There are now special chests at spawn, similar to Meteor Crates, which contain special randomized loot. They requires keys to open, which can be bought in the donation shop at There are three tiers of crates, each containing better chances for amazing items than the last. Find more information on the description page of our donation store.


Duel - This plugin is not quite done yet, but will be finished and launched on the server soon. It will allow you to challenge a player to a fair duel where you are both warped to an arena. You will both be given the same gear, potions, etc, so everything is fair, and the battle will commence. You will have the option to place wagers on who will win the match, so if you want to bet someone $10k that you will beat them in a 1v1 you will have the option to do so. 


Trade - This plugin is also not quite done, but should be ready soon. This plugin will allow you to /trade with someone in a fair and simple manner. An inventory screen will open up where you both put in items, and there will be no possibility to scam the other person. 


Particles - Particle effects have been added to the /shop for purchase via Vote Coins. You can purchase the particles in the /shop and then access them via the /particle command. When in use your character will have the set type of particles floating out of your body and surrounding you. Very cool effects that only a select few dedicated players will be able to achieve.


Vaults - The vaults for Deity rank have been fixed and added back. Deity ranked players have an extra set of virtual inventory to access, similar to /chest, in which they can store items. As a Deity you can access your vault via the /vault command.

StealthyIguana can these things be added in survival?
tanner9799 cant wait for the /duel plugin I want to bet all my money XD
PuffySpoofer Great Job on the /trade Plugin this will be Awsome
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dont worry yourself, they are fixing up a lot of servers
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