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Saito16 ao posted Sun at 19:13

Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Thanksgiving Sale extravaganza begins Monday, November 24th! The sale will last exactly one week from the 24th until the 1st of December. This sale will be our longest sale for a whooping 40% off the entire donation store. Take advantage of this massive sale while supporting GotPvP this week to celebrate the holidays :)

JayZee Tre I have been upgrading people all weekend... I have yet to fail a Fraud check..
Derp Failed the fraud checks :/ no king for me :, (
Just_To_Awesome *Sigh* Of only I could get McMMO levels without ranking up... :/

Factions Update

hihihih565 a posted Sat at 16:31
Removing Silverfish Eggs

Attention all faction players!

We will be eliminating the silverfish eggs neutral bank system from the shop, in order to make some improvements to the economy system.

PLEASE SELL ALL OF YOUR SILVERFISH EGGS BY:  10:00 pm Eastern Time, Saturday, November 29th!

There will be more silverfish egg sell signs established throughout spawn and we will remind the server frequently. 
[Deity] BeasT There probably is going to be, something that can't be duplicated. Like am.... IDK
ajm42 Will there be another item with a face value added? Because without silver fish eggs people start to scam money. That ...
[Deity] BeasT DIamond_Canadian Stfu all u do is lie to people and try to be as annoying as you can be.


Saito16 ao posted Nov 13, 14

Skywars Update

The time is finally upon us! We have just released our fully custom and unique Skywars game mode. You will notice an abundance of new features, completely new maps, and heavily improved game play to load balance an even larger population. We have decided that the old donation system of kits were too over powered, and have instead opted to remove kits and replace them with a universal [VIP] system for donors. All donors will receive a bonus multiplier for EXP and Tokens in game, as well as a bonus chance for better items in chests. All details for the new rank can be found in our donation store. Anyone who has previously purchased a single kit will receive one free month of the new [VIP] system, and anyone who had previously purchased [VIP] will have it permanently. All ranks have been cleared during the update so you will need to submit a ticket at to receive your rank back.

New Features include:

1v1 Game Mode
2v2 Game Mode
4v4 Game Mode
FFA Game Mode
Spectator Mode

New Commands include:


We have created a party system for players who wish to play with their friends, and guarantee they get into the same game. You can use the /party command to see all available options. Only the party leader can enter a game and bring all the players in the party with them.

You also have the ability to cycle through different /chat modes now. You can choose global and see all message, game and see only messages from those in your game, or party, to see only the chat of those in your party.

The brand new skill based ranking system is simple but competitive. All players start at level 1 and can rank up to level 50 based on their in game skill. You gain exp for every kill and win, and based on a complex algorithm will rank up or down at different speeds based on the level of competition you're playing. For example if you are level 30 and are killing a level 5 person, you will rank up slower. If you are level 10 and kill a level 40, you will rank up faster. Your highest rank will appear as a prefix before your name in lobby, as well as under your username above your character, and you can use the /rank command to check your rank in each game mode. Note that you can also go down in rank if you lose too many games.

The shop, scoreboard, and many other features have been completely overhauled and balanced to make this a very fun and competitive game mode. Hop on the new server in game to see all of the features in detail, and please consider purchasing [VIP] if you wish to support the server while enjoying some awesome perks. As always thank you for supporting GotPvP, and I look forward to seeing how many of you can achieve the highest rank!

FondlesWorth I must say, impressive update. Props to whomever developed the custom skywars plugin for the server.
Karl155163 I love how it looks! Just that I don't have vip anymore :(
Spaztasticals First I buy the Duke rank so I can play skyblock and have those extra little features... Skyblocks gone. Then I decide t ...
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