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$100 Twitter Giveaway

samdenby a posted Tue at 10:38

$100 Twitter Giveaway!

We're happy to announce that we are very close to reaching 1000 followers on Twitter, and to thank you guys for this, we are going to give four $25 Buycraft coupons to four lucky Twitter followers! To enter, you need to follow us on Twitter, and watch for the tweet we send out once we reach 1000 followers. You will need to retweet this tweet, and be followed to us, and then you will be automatically entered. 24 hours after that, we will choose four people at random to receive the coupons!

You can follow us on Twitter here:

TrueLoves1stKiss 1000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
qwertyuiop1298 YAY! :DDDD Giveaway time:DD xD
Nikoli2001 THEY DEED IT

Vote Contest

Saito16 a posted Dec 2, 14

November Vote Contest:

1st Place: S4FARI - $75 Coupon

2nd Place: MsJooJoo - $75 Coupon

3rd Place: Harmony1999 - $75 Coupon

4th Place: JatxielBelmont - $50 Coupon

5th Place: AdamBro786 - $50 Coupon

6th Place: Colbyjs1997 - $50 Coupon

7th Place: kaizio_ - $25 Coupon

8th Place: artisticturtle - $25 Coupon

9th Place: AGENTR4Y - $25 Coupon

10th Place: bigbigbee - $25 Coupon

Congratulations to all winners. We will send out your coupons via PM.

zabirdz Just a small question, my enjin name is zabirdz and my ign is _zabirdz_ so if I win will the coupon not send to me?
_IlPoeta05_ I live in Italy, when from you is midnight by me are 5 (AM) or 6 (AM); So with this system i'll never win xD In each cas ...
sabah687 Ok, thanks for the help and for your consideration to answer to my question. Thanks bro.

Vote Coins

Saito16 a posted Nov 30, 14

Vote Coins Update

There was an exploit over the past few days that allowed players to amass huge amounts of vote coins that they did not earn legitimately. Unfortunately we've had to wipe coin balances for anyone who had an amount greater than 100 coins, so some legitimate users who properly earned their coins were affected. We are very sorry for this loss, and to compensate will be offering double vote coin rewards for the first week of December.

I would also like to point out that we have fixed the glitches where your coin balance could get randomly reset, and the glitch where you did not receive your bonus coins from a lucky vote. Both have been confirmed working properly and you should now have a better experience with voting.

Thank you for understanding why we had to do this, and again, our sincerest apologies to all legitimate users that were affected. 

DiamondDragon491 ♥ I voted but it gave me NOTHING I tried this multiple times each day but no luck -_- I'm never voting again -_- ...
SteelBoss484 I would like to know what happened to my 700+ McMmo credits that came with my purchases on Prison. Was that part of a ro ...
jazzyk123457 @ got pvp?
The bonus coins from the lucky vote glitch was not fixed. x(
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you could buy a unban ender or you could look at my wall and join me on some of the servers i play on or naw i don't mind.
endermaster is gone? this is a sad day indeed. even if he did raid the first faction i had on gotpvp so very long ago.
not trying to kick you while you're down ender but how long ago doesn't matter. You deserved it. Have fun on whatever ip you advertised. hope it was worth it
Bye Everyone Love You All Thanks To Jack_Blakie Ive Been Permed For Saying An IP more than 4 months ago!
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